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Join the "Worlds of Learning 2024" Virtual Summit: Revolutionize Your eLearning with AI

We’re thrilled to announce a free, game-changing virtual summit, "Worlds of Learning 2024," hosted by LearnWorlds. This groundbreaking event is set to transform the landscape of eLearning with a focus on artificial intelligence.

Unlock the Future of eLearning with AI at the "Worlds of Learning 2024" Virtual Summit. Click here to register.

Unlock the Future of eLearning with AI at the "Worlds of Learning 2024" Virtual Summit

Event Dates: July 23-24, 2024

📍 Virtual Event

Why Should You Attend This Webinar?

🌟 Practical AI Insights: Discover how AI is revolutionizing course creation, marketing, and business growth. Gain invaluable knowledge from leading eLearning and marketing experts.

🎓 Hands-On Workshops & Certification: Participate in interactive workshops designed to provide practical skills in AI and instructional design, leading to a prestigious certification.

🤝 Network with Industry Leaders: Connect with top instructional designers, educators, and L&D professionals who are at the forefront of integrating AI into eLearning.

Event Highlights

DAY 1 - July 23:

  • AI in Course Creation, Marketing, and Business Growth
    • Enhance course creation and learner engagement with AI
    • Build your AI tech stack
    • Drive revenue with AI-driven ads
    • Ethical and legal implications of AI in eLearning

DAY 2 - July 24:

  • AI & Instructional Design Workshops
    • Certification in AI and Instructional Design

Confirmed Speakers

  • Panos Siozos - CEO & Co-Founder, LearnWorlds
  • George Palaigeorgiou - CPO & Co-Founder, LearnWorlds
  • Margarita Loktionova - Content Lead, Semrush
  • Konstantinos Skliris - Regional Client Partner Lead, Central Europe, Google
  • Mari Smith - Facebook Expert, CEO, Mari Smith Int., Inc.
  • Steve Corney - Learning Designer & Strategist, Learn Awesome
  • Daria Tovkun - Client Manager, Meta
        • ...and many more industry leaders!

Don’t miss out on the chance to stay ahead of the curve with AI-driven education.

Join us for this unparalleled opportunity to advance your eLearning capabilities and network with pioneers in the field. 

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